Success in work: Ready…Steady…Prep!

Don’t let those first-day butterflies hold you back!

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This informative session, “Success at Work: Ready…Steady…Prep!” will transform you from a wide-eyed newbie into a confident and prepared professional ready to impress on day one.

Get ready to conquer those first-day jitters and make a stellar first impression as we explore:

  • The Night Before: Learn how to prepare for a smooth first day by planning your outfit, gathering necessary documents, and setting out anything you might need. A good night’s sleep is key too!
  • First Day Essentials: Discover what to bring with you on your first day, such as a notepad, pen, resume, and a positive attitude! Having the essentials makes you feel organized and prepared.
  • Navigating the New: We’ll equip you with tips for arriving on time, finding your way around the office, and introducing yourself to colleagues. Feeling comfortable in your new environment is essential.
  • Asking Smart Questions: Learn the art of asking insightful questions to your manager or colleagues. This demonstrates your eagerness to learn and helps you gain valuable information.
  • Making a Positive Impact: Discover strategies to actively participate in meetings, take initiative with small tasks, and showcase your skills and enthusiasm from the get-go.
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