Success in work: Life at Wurky World

Workday Fun! Master the Wurky Way!

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Success at Work: Life at Wurky World,” will show the tools and mindset to not just survive, but thrive in their wonderfully wacky work environment!

Wurky World might be a little different, but that’s what makes it special! In this program, we’ll explore:

  • Wurky World Decoded: Uncover the core values, quirky traditions, and unique work-life philosophy that make Wurky World such a vibrant and innovative workplace. Embrace the unexpected and unleash your inner creative genius!
  • Communication is Key (Even with Slide Whistles): Learn Wurky World’s communication style, from mastering the art of the slide whistle presentation to deciphering the CEO’s enthusiasm-fueled metaphors. Get ready to express yourself with flair and participate in lively brainstorming sessions!
  • Collaboration Chaos (But in a Good Way): Wurky World thrives on teamwork, even if it involves brainstorming sessions on bouncy balls or building bridges out of marshmallows. Discover how to collaborate effectively in this unconventional environment, leveraging the power of playfulness to spark creativity and problem-solving.
  • The Wurky Way of Problem-Solving: Challenges at Wurky World are tackled with a playful twist! Learn how to think outside the box, embrace unconventional solutions, and have fun while coming up with innovative ideas to overcome complex problems. Be prepared to present your solutions in a creative and engaging way!
  • Celebrating Wurky Wins (Big Time!): Get ready for confetti cannons, dance breaks, and themed celebrations! Wurky World recognizes and celebrates achievements in a big way. Learn to embrace the fun, recognize your contributions, and participate in the team’s infectious enthusiasm.
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