Getting a Job: The Selection Process

Unlock the secrets of the job market! This video provides your compass and toolkit to navigate your search and land your dream job

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Have you applied to your dream job but don’t know what happens next? This informative video, “Getting a Job: The Selection Process,” is your roadmap to navigating the exciting (and sometimes confusing) journey from application to offer!

Get ready to unlock the secrets of the selection process as we explore:

  • The Applicant Pool: Learn about the different stages involved in the selection process, from initial screening to final interviews.
  • Standing Out from the Crowd: Discover strategies to make your application shine and impress hiring managers, making you a top contender.
  • Decoding the Interviews: We’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to ace different types of interviews, from one-on-ones to group panels.
  • The Big Decision: Understand what happens after your interview and how to follow up effectively to increase your chances of landing the job.
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