Getting a Job: The Call Out of the Blue

Master the art of phone interviews and turn that surprise call into a winning conversation. This video shows you how.

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In this exciting video, “Getting a Job: The Call Out of the Blue,” we’ll show you how to turn an unexpected phone call into your dream job opportunity!

The phone rings… it’s a recruiter! Don’t panic, get ready to:

  • Stay Calm and Composed: Learn how to professionally handle a surprise call from a recruiter, even if you’re caught off guard (and maybe in your pajamas!).
  • Ask Smart Questions: Discover what key questions to ask the recruiter to understand the opportunity and assess if it aligns with your goals.
  • Sell Yourself (Subtly): Master the art of highlighting your skills and experience without sounding like you’re bragging. Focus on what makes you a perfect fit!
  • Negotiate Like a Pro (Even if it’s New Territory): We’ll equip you with basic negotiation skills to discuss salary and benefits, even if you weren’t expecting this opportunity.
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