Getting a Job: Tailor your CV

This video equips you with the skills to tailor your CV like a superhero suit, ensuring it stands out in every application battle.

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Fear not, young adventurer! This empowering video, “Getting a Job: Tailor Your CV,” is your guide to transforming your CV into a powerful tool that conquers every job application!

Get ready to unleash your inner designer as we explore the art of tailoring your CV:

  • Know Your Superpowers: Identify your most relevant skills and experiences for each specific job you apply for. These are your unique superpowers!
  • Match Your Skills to the Mission: Learn how to analyze job descriptions and tailor your CV to highlight the skills and experience they’re seeking. Become the perfect hero for the job!
  • Keyword Magic: Discover the power of keywords and strategically incorporate them into your CV to pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and get noticed by hiring managers.
  • Action Verbs Assemble!: Replace generic descriptions with action verbs that showcase your achievements and impact. Make your CV a thrilling read for the hiring manager!
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