Getting a Job: Master Virtual Interviews

Conquer your virtual interview! Master the skills to land your dream job, even from home. Bonus tip: Your smile shines through the screen!

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In this informative video, “Getting a Job: Master Virtual Interviews,” we’ll transform you from a jittery applicant into a virtual interviewing pro, ready to land your dream job through the magic of the screen!

Get ready to ditch the in-person anxieties and conquer the virtual landscape as we explore:

  • Tech Check and Test Run: Learn how to ensure your technology is up-to-date and functioning flawlessly before your interview. Practice using the video conferencing platform to avoid any glitches on interview day.
  • Location, Location, Location: Discover the importance of choosing a quiet, well-lit space with a professional background for your interview. First impressions matter, even virtually!
  • Dress for Success (from the Top Up): While comfort is important, maintain a professional appearance on camera. Focus on dressing professionally from the waist up, as that’s what the interviewer will see.
  • Body Language Bonanza – Virtually: Master the art of nonverbal communication even through a screen. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact with the camera (not yourself on screen!), and use hand gestures to emphasize your points.
  • The Art of Conversation (Virtually): Virtual interviews can feel a bit one-sided. Learn strategies to actively engage with the interviewer, ask questions, and showcase your enthusiasm.
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