Getting a Job: Identify your skills

Get ready to take flight! This video will equip you with the skills to identify your superpowers and transform your job search into a success story!

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Feeling like your resume is missing its secret weapon? In this action-packed video, “Getting a Job: Identify Your Skills,” we’ll transform you from a mild-mannered job seeker into a skilled-up superhero ready to conquer the job hunt!

Get ready to unlock your hidden potential as we explore:

  • Skill Scouting: Embark on a mission to identify all your amazing skills, from the technical ones you learned in school to the teamwork and communication skills you mastered on the soccer field.
  • Beyond the Resume: We’ll go beyond just listing skills – you’ll learn how to showcase them with powerful examples and action verbs that make hiring managers take notice.
  • Hidden Gems: Unearth hidden talents and strengths you might not have even realized you possess! Your passion for baking could translate to excellent attention to detail, for example.
  • Tailored for Success: Learn how to tailor your identified skills to match the specific needs of each job you apply for, making your resume a perfect fit.
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