Getting a Job: Do your research

Ready to land your dream job? Become a job search pro with the powerful research techniques revealed in this video!

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Feeling lost in a sea of job postings? In this informative video, “Getting a Job: Do Your Research,” we’ll transform you from a clueless applicant into a job hunting Sherlock Holmes, ready to crack the case and land your dream job!

Get ready to put on your detective hat and magnify your research skills as we explore:

  • Company Case Files: Learn how to research the companies you’re applying to, uncovering their mission, values, and culture. Are they a good fit for your detective skills (we mean, work style) ?
  • Decoding the Job Description: Crack the code of job descriptions by identifying key skills and requirements. Are you the perfect match for this case (we mean, job)?
  • Following the Interview Trail: Research common interview questions for your desired field. Prepare insightful answers that will leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager (your witness, I mean, interviewer).
  • The Competition Check: Learn how to research your potential competitors for the job. What makes you stand out from the crowd (we mean, other applicants)?
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