Explore the world of web analytics

What is web analytics, and why is it important for businesses? Within this course, you’ll explore some of the fundamentals of this increasingly popular skill and learn how businesses can apply different techniques to understand, assess and manage their performance.

You’ll begin by looking at the basics of web analytics, including the different types of analytics and what they’re used for, before exploring some key areas in more detail.

Discover how businesses can effectively use web analytics techniques to improve performance

Running a successful online business often requires a good working knowledge of web analytics. As you work your way through the course, you’ll find out why web analytics skills are becoming essential for all kinds of organisation.

You’ll look at some of the essential techniques which can help you to continually improve your product or business, examining concepts including segmentation and benchmarking, and exploring the five steps to creating a measurement plan. You will also learn the processes involved in creating a successful online business, including measuring outcomes and optimising conversion rates.

Learn the basics of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics and develop skills to grow your career

As you round off the course, you will learn how to apply web analytics in a business setting, looking particularly at Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. If you’re wondering what a Digital Analyst does and what responsibilities they have, you’ll find details here. Whether you’re hoping to get a job in the industry or learn web analytics best practices, this is the course for you.