Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence

Discover the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your everyday life and reshape the way you work.

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Identify the skills needed to work with artificial intelligence (AI)

From AI chatbots to smart personal assistants, AI is used in many businesses to optimise processes and improve working life.

On this three-week course, you’ll learn about the past, present, and future of artificial intelligence and generative AI and explore its potential in the workplace.

Discover the origins of artificial intelligence

You’ll examine key moments in AI history, including the emergence of Gen AI, explore its benefits and considerations, as well as investigate the ethics of responsible AI.

Using this knowledge, you’ll evaluate how AI and Gen AI developments may impact your work and discuss where the future might lead.

Explore the applications of AI in industry

Throughout the course, you’ll enhance your understanding of AI, and Gen AI in the workplace, before looking at the impact on an individual level through case studies and self-reflective tasks.

Having completed these exercises, you’ll be able to analyse how your present or prospective career may advance using AI, helping you to identify gaps in your current skill set.

Develop techniques to upskill with artificial intelligence

With an overview of the current AI landscape, you’ll take a look at the future and assess what an AI driven world might look like.

In the final week of this course, you’ll reflect on the skills you already possess, learning how these can be adapted for evolving technological roles, as well as developing strategies to help further your career in evolving industries.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand AI development and its role in advancing processes across industry. Having evaluated your skill set, you’ll be able to develop a strategic plan to upskill and adapt to the impact of AI in your role.

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