Choose a Career: Why do you want to be a…?

Stop wondering “what if” and start exploring the “why”! Sign up for “Choose a Career: Why Do You Want to Be a…?” and embark on a thrilling journey to find your perfect career fit!

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Ever Wonder: “Why Do I Wanna Be a…?” – Career Exploration Training

Feeling lost in a sea of career choices? This interactive training, “Choose a Career: Why Do You Want to Be a…?” is your personal diving suit to explore the exciting depths of different professions!

Get ready to:

  • Unmask Your Dream Job: Ditch the guesswork! This training will help you uncover your hidden talents, interests, and values. What makes YOU tick?
  • Meet the Real Heroes: Shadow professionals in various fields – from doctors and engineers to artists and entrepreneurs. Get the inside scoop on what a “day in the life” is really like.
  • Mythbusters Assemble!: Debunk common career myths and discover the surprising realities of different jobs. Is being a lawyer all about courtroom drama? Is coding just typing lines of gibberish? Let’s find out!
  • Build Your Dream Team: Connect with other curious explorers on a similar quest. Share ideas, support each other, and become a career discovery squad!
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