Automated Reasoning: satisfiability

By participating in this training, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to tackle complex problems with the help of SAT solving. Get ready to conquer the challenges of logic and automation!

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Ever wondered if a complex problem has a solution, no matter what? Welcome to the world of Automated Reasoning and Satisfiability (SAT)! This training will equip you to tackle these challenges with the power of logic and automation.

Get ready to:

  • Become a Logic Master: Grasp the core concepts of propositional logic, the language used to represent problems in SAT. Think of it as a secret code for expressing “yes” or “no” scenarios.
  • Untangle the Puzzle: Learn how to translate real-world problems into SAT formulas. Imagine turning a complex situation into a series of logical statements.
  • Meet the SAT Solver: Explore powerful algorithms that can efficiently search for solutions to these formulas. Think of it as a super-powered computer that can find the answer if it exists.
  • Beyond SAT: Discover how SAT solving is used in various applications, from circuit design to artificial intelligence. See how this technique tackles problems in different fields.
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